Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10 Principles Of Play

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  1. Besides the ball, the greatest possession that a team can have is space.

  2. Understand the term “Sprint Steps” and learn to manage them.

  3. We want our opponent’s hips to face their own goal as often as possible with our hips facing their goal as well.

  4. Mediocre teams play reactively while quality teams play proactively.

  5. By the time a team makes a third pass on one side of the field the defense has limited forward space.

  6. The purpose of a serve is not determined by the desire of the server but by the need of the receiver.

  7. The more “Green” shown by the opponent, the quicker we will attack.

  8. Most goals are scored by a player that gets open in the defense after making an angled run or receiving an angled pass.

  9. Turn off your brain and play from your heart.

10. Much of our play is based on these two diagrams:




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