Thursday, May 13, 2021

19 Things All Soccer Parents Must Learn

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If you are a youth soccer parent there are some essential things you must learn in order to support your child along their athletic journey.  Gaining knowledge in these 19 areas will help ensure your child remains inspired, continues playing (regardless of the level in which they play), and therefore finds their way to a more healthy adulthood.

1. Long Term Athletic Development – Keeping the end game in mind and learning the important steps to helping your child progress along their athletic journey is a foundational building block of successful soccer parenting.

2. Handball – The most screamed word from the sidelines: “Handball!” is an often-misunderstood Law of the Game.  Save yourself the embarrassment of a misunderstood shout and learn about the nuances of the handball.

3. Growth & Fixed Mindset – Your child has tendencies towards a growth or fixed mindset and their mindset affects their performance (in all things, not just sport). You can learn how to help your child develop a high performance, growth mindset.

4. Self Determination Theory – Essential research you must know about the science of motivation and how Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness affect motivation for your child.

5. How Growth Affects Performance – You must be prepared to help your child navigate growth spurts while maintaining important perspective and understanding.

6. Offside – One of the most confusing Laws of the Game for players and parents – and if you understand Offside, your child is more likely to understand it.

7. Defensive & Attacking Principles of Play – There are certain principles of play that pertain to all soccer situations regardless of the tactical decisions of the coach.  Gaining a basic knowledge of these will help you enjoy the game!

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