Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A Plea to U.S. Soccer: The Failed Rebuild of the USMNT

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For long-time fans, U.S. Soccer history starts in 1990 or 1994 when the United States returned to the World Cup after 40 years and then hosted the following World Cup. It was a triumphant return by the Yanks to the world stage. Most fans only know that the team reached the Semi-finals in the first-ever World Cup in Uruguay and achieved their best-ever finish as a historical fact. 1994 marks the real emergence of the team to mainstream culture as the nation hosted the largest sporting tournament on the planet. In the modern era, U.S. Soccer’s USMNT rebuild has largely failed, but there is hope.

A Plea to U.S. Soccer: The Failed Rebuild of the USMNT

Setting the Stage: A Brief History Lesson . . .

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