Thursday, October 28, 2021

Aaronson, Busio, Harkes, Wright, Sonora, & Gioacchini impress among Yanks abroad

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Many of the top players were not in action this weekend, but it was still a huge weekend for Americans across the globe. As he does every Monday, ASN’s Brian Sciaretta walks you through it in great detail.

The weekend abroad was pretty good for Americans abroad. Yes, you had some struggles, some disappointing situations where players struggled to play, and some tough losses. But you also had club debuts, returns from injuries, some goals and some solid performances – including from players on the fringes of the national team pool who may have booted their national team stock.

A big story of the weekend, unfortunately, was who didn’t play – as opposed to who did. With the U.S. national team’s October qualifiers fast approaching, many of the team’s key players didn’t get on the field – for various reasons.

Christian Pulisic . . .

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