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Athletic Development Role In Muscle Injury Prevention – Part 2

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Let’s dive into Part 2 – Assessment:

(Click HERE if you didn’t read Part 1 on Athletic Development role in the muscle injury prevention)

Having identified the domains that should be taken into account in the players’ athletic capacity (strength and strength-specific manifestations as well as the energetic systems and its different capacities and domains), the next step is to characterise the necessities of the football athlete in order to serve as a guide in our preparation for the assessment process.

When selecting the tests to be used, it is crucial to value if these tests are valid (does the test assess what it is supposed to assess?) and if they are reproducible (is the test consistent?). After taking both these factors into account, we’re ready to select the tests that will be fitting to the context along with guaranteeing the quality of the assessment.

The Maximum Strength is the basic quality that directly influences the expression of muscle power (Wisloff 2004, Peterson 2005), with gains in strength associated to the optimization of relative strength (relative to the body weight) and also inducing significant gains in power actions, such as jump height or sprint velocity (Wisloff 2004, Styles 2015).

When considering strength manifestations . . .

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