Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hey, Coach! Don’t *SHOUT* Instructions

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Parents shouting from the touchline is one of the downsides of being a coach in the grassroots game. I like to think I have educated the parents of my players so that they only shout encouraging things and respect the opposition players and parents. But sometimes they too shout things that are not helpful to the team on match days.

In a game last season one dad decided that because we had not scored from three corners in the first half of the match the players were not working hard enough.

“MOVE! MOVE! LOSE YOUR MARKER!” came the call from the other side of the pitch.

He took it upon himself to try and get all our players to move and run round and round before the kick was taken. By the time the corner taker had kicked the ball the players had tried every means to lose their marker and had run out of ideas!

Image by The Soccer Mom Manual

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