Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Group Attacking: Part 5 of 5

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Pay attention to the opening item on initiative as it’s initiative that separates great players and teams from the good ones. We’ve touched on this a few times before but note that initiative is not frustration. But, rather, initiative is being the aggressor — the one that has trained, learned and is confident in their play. Quality teams are not afraid to take the initiative to find and exploit scoring opportunities.
At the 1:57 mark, the topic is Rhythm. Pay attention to this section. This is what I mean when I state that we will be individuals that play as a team rather than a team that plays as individuals. Quality teams have a flow — a rhythm — that makes them great.
Now, at the 4:36 mark, the topic changes to balance. This is something that we focus on during scrimmages of at least 5 v. 5. When we train using controlled scrimmages, the reason for when I stop and start your play is often to work on your balance as a group and team.
In the video, I want you to pay close attention to the topic of scanning which begins at the 5:27 mark. This is what I refer to by getting on you for watching the ball too darn much and missing the information that is available by scanning the field.
Finally, at the 7:47 mark, the topic becomes Risk. Risk is something that separates great teams from good teams and quality players from mediocre players. But understand that risk is based on knowledge rather than emotion. By having appropriate BALANCE as a team and scanning the field rather than focusing on that stupid little round thing (the ball) you will have the information required to calculate the RISK then take the INITIATIVE to attack and score.


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