Saturday, July 24, 2021

How to Build Team Chemistry

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We’ve all have a favorite sports movie. Typically, the team starts out with little chemistry or cohesion. As the movie progresses, the teammates get to know each other better, battle together and spend some time off the field. At the end of the movie, the teammates are united and have each other’s backs like a family, and this team chemistry is what helps them win the championship.

Though most sports movies are nothing like the real thing, they do get one thing right—team chemistry is very important. This is important in all types of sports, but especially in soccer, where team play is the entire basis for offense and defense. When teams have good chemistry, they cooperate, communicate, and trust each other during their games. They provide support to each other when things are going badly, and they congratulate each other when things are going well.

When teams don’t have team chemistry . . .

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