Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marcelo Balboa’s Pride & Passion For Representing The USMNT

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Passion can be the difference between a job and something you enjoy doing for a living. 

That pleasure is fueled by a desire to excel, improve and even have some fun. 

Marcelo Balboa was fortunate. Early on, his father Luis instilled that passion in him. Soccer was more than just a game: it was a way of life, and to succeed at it at the highest levels you needed passion besides just having talent.

“When you see a ball rolling, you look and you see who’s kicking that ball,” he said recently. “If you see a pick-up game, you think to yourself, ‘Do I have shoes in my car so I can go and maybe join a pick-up game?’ So, I’ll die living and breathing soccer and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even if you don’t make millions of dollars like other people do, it’s about the smile, it’s about the heart. The heart is so happy when it’s out on the field.” . . . 

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