Thursday, October 28, 2021

MLS bullish about next TV rights deal as D-Day edges closer

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As the clock runs down until Major League Soccer makes a decision on its next TV deal, MLS executives are buoyant after their recent positive news concerning MLS TV ratings as well as broadcast plans for the MLS playoffs.

In the meantime, current rights holders FOX Sports, ESPN and Univision have all completed their discussions with Major League Soccer regarding whether they’re interested or not in the next TV rights deal. Now that their window of exclusivity has ended, discussions have continued with a wide range of other broadcasters who have also expressed an interest in the league’s content. Even though the new MLS TV deal doesn’t begin until 2023, indications are that a decision will be reached within the coming weeks.

That new deal will include packages that combine local, out-of-market and national games . . .

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