Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Music Found in Soccer

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By Scott Martin

My wife and I returned from Memphis yesterday. Basically, aside from visiting Graceland and the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, our trip included Beale Street for BBQ and music. We learned that Rock was born on the north side of Beale at Sun Records and Blues came from Stax Records on the south side of the iconic street.

We were in awe of the history as we bopped from place to place. B. B. Kings and Blues City are the mainstays and “must visit” places, but the Tap Room offered a local band that played song after song of tunes that reminded me of the Pandora channel I’ve been loading for the past ten years though I’ve played music during my training sessions since 1980. After the kids get over not hearing “their” music, they always come around to the classics; the soul of soccer.

The music isn’t necessarily for the players though they often express knowledge of songs as the season moves along. The tunes allow me to orchestrate the flow of the game as the training session progresses from low pressure to match-like conditions. If I’m doing my job our play emulates the music. And as the season moves so does the ability of our players to roll with a certain beat and flair during match play. There is music in soccer.

Here is only a sample of the music that blares from the speakers of my JBL Boombox during our outdoor training sessions. Play a few and tell me you don’t see this music in soccer. Go ahead. Try it.



*Note: If you receive an error message, please be patient as the video loads. Sorry about the ads!

John Lee Hooker, Boom Boom: 


The Allman Brothers, One Way Out: 


James Brown, Get On The Good Foot: 


Marvin Gaye, Heard It Through The Grapevine: 


Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cold Shot: 


The Temptations, Papa Was A Rolling Stone: 


Doobie Brothers, Long Train Running: 


Daryl Hall, Green Onions: 


Muddy Waters, Hoochie Coochie Man: 


Tom Petty, You Break Me: 


Billy Preston, Nothing From Nothing: 


Gary Clark Jr., Don’t Owe You A Thing: 


Stevie Wonder, Higher Ground: 


Sly And The Family Stone, Dance To The Music: 


Tab Benoit, Night Train: 


Robert Cray, Smoking Gun: 


The Black Keys, Lonely Boy: 


Jack White, I’m Shakin’: 


R. L. Burnside, Let My Baby Ride: 


B. B. King, Let The Good Times Roll: 


Let’s simplify the game.


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