Saturday, July 24, 2021

Parenting & Coaching: The Perfectionist Athlete

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How can parents and coaches help young players overcome a perfectionist mindset? Chief Content Officer at Changing the Game ProjectReed Maltbie shares a fantastic article around some of the modern challenges parents and coaches face with perfectionism on the rise in a status-driven society.

Recently, Changing the Game Project received a question that we get often, so we thought it would make a great blog:

“I was wondering if you could provide some advice. My son is 8 years old and plays on a travel baseball team. [He is ] blessed with athleticism. He’s fast and has great hand-eye coordination. The problem is, he struggles with the mental game. He is a perfectionist in almost everything he does. So, if he makes a mistake, he’s the kid who shuts down. For example, he missed a couple of balls at practice yesterday and just quit trying. He feels like a failure. I’m thankful that one of his coaches really supports him. I’m just wondering as a parent, what can I do to help? It’s so frustrating to see a child with such potential beat himself down.” – A Mom who just wants to help

Mom, we hear you . . .

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