Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Ronaldo to Man Utd: One of the greatest transfers of all time?

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The greatest transfer of all time…

I have been super busy in work and life to get to write in to try and express my feelings towards how glorious of a transfer window this summer was as a United fan. It has been the best transfer window I can remember. The Falcon, DiMaria summer had a similar feeling of genuine stars arriving, but it didn’t feel as if they wanted it. This time is different.

It all started with Cavani signing a new deal. He wasn’t a 25 goal a season striker anymore. But he was a proper center forward, was doing the job, was what we needed and he cost us nothing. After that to me, was to fill the cb, cm and winger deficits in the squad.

Next came the Sancho saga #2 . . .

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