Thursday, January 20, 2022

Technical Coaching – Should coaches follow a technical model?

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So, anyone that knows me as a coach knows that for a long time now I have hated the idea of teaching players technical skills in a prescriptive-based practice manner. I discussed this topic with UK coach developer Marianne Davies In S2EP8 of The Sports Coaching Podcast, Marianne gave a very detailed insight into the problems of this prescriptive-based approach by following a ‘one size fits all’ technical model, and it really did get me thinking! I would encourage anyone who is reading this blog to go and give that episode a listen! (really worth your time).

Of course, I have to be careful and make what I’m saying as clear as possible (I have taken this lesson from twitter!) I am not saying as coaches we shouldn’t use technical instruction. Context is key and the sport that you are within will no doubt determine this, we know that some sports are very technical focused (such as archery for example) and no doubt require high levels of technical practice.

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