Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What the first round of World Cup Qualifying says about the USMNT

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The USA is a long way from being an elite team that can easily beat any opponent

One win, two draws, one draw that felt like a loss. After three games of World Cup Qualifying, the USMNT has emerged from the hype and bluster with something of a reality check. The other teams are also trying to qualify, making it to the World Cup won’t be a victory tour for the Stars and Stripes.

From these matches there has been information and feedback that is evident in how the team played and was managed. The assumptions and expectations about what should have happened have been put in check by the actual results. Where the team goes from here and what happens next will be informed by what actually happened and is helpful to measure where the team stands before the next three matches.

The roster . . .

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