Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Which Fanbases Need a EURO 2020 Win Most?

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EURO 2020 is finally upon us. As we eagerly await the tournament’s kickoff, we take a look at some of the hungriest European fanbases most desperate for a major trophy.

Later this week, the world will get to witness the long-awaited UEFA EURO 2020 tournament. It’s been almost a year since the original starting date got pushed back due to concerns with COVID-19, but there’s no better way to kick off this summer than with one of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments in European soccer.

A lot has happened since EURO 2016, a tournament that saw multiple underdogs like Iceland, Wales, and Ireland make runs into the knockout phase, while Portugal won their first title over host and projected winner France.

While the Portuguese faithful rejoiced as Cristiano Ronaldo lifted his first major international trophy, plenty of other fans mourned after disappointing results and wasted chances. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the teams and their respective fanbases that are perhaps in need of a EURO 2020 victory more than anyone based on their past experiences in the tournament, as well as their team’s expectations going into the tournament.

Belgium . . .

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